Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She Colors My Day

A beautiful song for a beautiful girl.

here and now i'm going to stay
in her world i'm going to play
rolling in her cartwheels,
feeling just like she feels
lost inside her curls and her sun rays

she colors my day
in red, pink, blue and shades of grey
whenever we play, she colors my day

in the night she's a flashlight
in her skin i end and begin

to a smile that's always dreaming
to a song that's always scheming
to hands that hold my own
like warm sun rays

she colors my day
in red, pink, blue and shades of grey
whenever we play, she colors my day
in a green and violet skirt
she magically plays
she colors my day

i need her light - she's warm, she's cold she feels just right

she's my best friend - she takes,
she gives, it just never ends

i feel so real - in like, in love
i'm head over heels

she's my best girl - she runs, she jumps she spins and she

— written by cristina carlino and stuart mathis, produced by stuart mathis

Time is Flying...

...because we are having fun! I can't believe that two years ago on May 1st we received the news that we finally had a daughter. Two years! What happened? Where did it go? Our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. And she is just that... a little girl. My baby is nothing more than glimpses seen on rare moments now. I fully appreciate the statement heard so many times from my own mom..."You will always be my baby". No matter how old Lily is, she will always be just that...our baby.

Meet Jumpy Squirrel. He is a frequent visitor to our backyard as he loves feeding off the fallen seeds from our bird feeder. He got his name from Lily's favorite show, Curious George. Jumpy is fun to watch...especially when our cat (Stella) and dog (Shayna) are trying to chase him out of the yard! This is one brave fellow and Lily just loves him.

One of Lily's favorite things to do with a PB & J...smash it all over her face to make a "mustache" and then ask for a mirror to see her work.

Asking for the mirror...

Proudly displaying her work for the camera.

Yesterday Lily had a play date with her best friend Rachel (we just love that she calls Rachel her best friend!). We went to the mall fully expecting just a nice leisurely lunch and a stroll. Lily and I got there first...and then she saw it...a water fountain to run in on a very warm day, ever so gently calling her name. Lunch ended up not being what I expected...it was even better.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the day...the joy on the faces of two little girls having a great time together. Precious.

Can you believe this? This from a little girl who at one time would scream her head off when we rinsed her hair in the bath tub. Those days are definitely over!

There must be some perfect caption for this shot...I just can't think of anything right now!