Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby and Bear Reunion

SNOWFLAKE IS HOME! I am positive I was more excited about it than Lily was, although she was pretty happy to see her friend again. After tracking the package, I was expecting him to arrive yesterday. Our mail usually comes by 11:00am and at about 10:30 I heard the mail truck across the street. That meant about 10 more minutes until she came back down our side. I heard the truck pull up, looked out the front window and I could not believe what I saw. The mail carrier was sitting in her truck with a box in her lap...filling out one of those "Sorry we missed you. Please come pick up your package tomorrow" notes! WHAT? She was not even going to make an attempt to bring it to the front door!?! How lazy are people today, I mean really? My car was even in the driveway and everything. Let me just say she is lucky I caught her because I would be down at that post office today having a lovely chat with her manager. Anyway, when I saw what she was doing, I quickly scooped up Lily (she loves to check the mail anyway) and went outside and got the package from the lady. I took the box inside and opened it out of Lily's view (I didn't want her to see there were 2 Snowflakes. Who knows how confusing that would be!) They were individually wrapped in bags inside the box, so I took one bag to the living room, grabbed my camera and gave Lily the bag. Following are the pictures, however I am having trouble uploading the video. (I knew I should have done it last night while Robert was home!) Hopefully that will be up tonight. In the meantime, these pictures still tell a pretty good story:

Happy Lily with her Snowflake. When she finally realized who was in the bag, she actually started getting upset and couldn't get him out of there fast enough!

Hugging her old friend.

So sweet!

Of course Snowflake was hungry after having been gone so long!

The world is right again...Bob and Larry on the TV, a sippy cup of water in her hand and her best friend under her arm. All is well.


Karly said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet moment! I am so happy and all is well! Hopefully you get the video up, I would love to see it!


Val said...

Oh, I am so happy for Lily!

She looks like she has no idea he is a "replacement" either....which is fantastic!

Now keep snowflake #3 safe for just in case reasons!

Lindsay said...

That last photo especially is so sweet, the way she has him snuggled up under her arm! :)

Melissa said...

That is so cute...glad to see that the world is right for Lily (and you!)again! It's funny...but none of my children developed a love for one particular teddy...and truth be told I did in fact try to encourage this (not sure really why...I guess it just seemed important that they have at least one special toy). They all kept their teddies on their beds and would pick one now and then to sleep with...but no special attachments developed with a particular teddy or doll. Strange :)