Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun With Friends

On Friday, June 27th, Lily and I went for a "playdate" with our friends Jenny and Samantha. Samantha just adores Lily and vice versa. Samantha keeps threatening to keep Lily, and I can't say I blame her for wanting to do so! They had so much fun together playing in the pool and playing "chase", Lily's new favorite game. Lily still keeps talking about how we went to "Mantha's" house and played in her pool and with her puppy and had ice cream. I can't believe she remembers it, but she mentions it at least once every day.

Lily's new "ladybug boat". She had fun in this for a while, until she wanted to come o ut and play with the rest of us. It looks likes she's giving the "peace" sign here.

Lily freed from the confines of her boat. She did so well in the water and I am so glad she liked it. She even dunked her head under the water all by herself. I guess the time is coming for some swimming lessons.

On Sunday, July 6th, we went to lunch with our friends Sean and Michele and their girls, Tess and Rachel. Robert put pictures of them on his blog, so I am showing off more pictures of Lily. Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am to be married to such a great photographer?!

They were giving away these hats and balls at the play area. Lily loved them both! She had so much fun running around and Tess seemed to have a lot of fun playing with her. Lily seems to have a special affection for older children and is not so much interested in those her own age.

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Val said...

That pool float is too cute!

I swear, she has grew in these shots!