Friday, January 30, 2009

January 2009

On January 11th, we took Lily to Snow Day. We don't see much of that around here, so the City of Calabasas brought some in for us to play in. Of course it was close to 80 degrees that day so it was a little difficult to get the full effect of a real snow day, but Lily had a great time anyway!

Checking out the snow.

"I made you a present daddy! Wanna see how cold it is?"

"Yup....that's cold!"

Lily got to see how cold it was too.

What kid doesn't eat snow!?

"Mommy and I made a snowman for you daddy!" Lily was a little disappointed that we didn't have a carrot for his nose though.

Lily reading her giant farm book to Nai Nai. Precious moments I don't want to miss.

Driving home one day Lily started crying because she was upset about something. I'm assuming it was partly because she was tired. She was so mad, she even fell asleep with her mad face still on!

Lily woke up from her nap the other day and she was a little cold. It was the perfect time to introduce her to the joy of "hot" chocolate with marshmallows!

This was her first time drinking from her "big girl" cup. She liked it, but we all decided it would be much less messy with a straw. She loves straws and hates messes, so it worked out perfectly!

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Lindsay said...

Loved you snow day! We got buried in the real thing again this week, after being fooled and thing it was over with for the year.

Lily's looking really well - even when she has her 'mad' face on :)