Monday, July 20, 2009

A Lovely Surprise

Waaaaay back on Sunday, May 3rd, we threw a surprise ??????th birthday party for my mother-in-law. Robert's sister and I had a lot of fun planning and preparing and not so much fun sweating it out hoping no one would spill the beans (especially Lily who was very much in on it). Lily didn't talk to Nai Nai very much before her party! After throwing something like this, I've grown a whole new respect for wedding and party planners. Anyway, she was surprised and I think she had a great time.:o)

One of the tables set up in our backyard.

A beautiful shot taken by a very special photographer we hired for the day.
(I hope he wasn't expecting to get paid though!)

It was a tea party theme so we had lots of sandwiches, salads, cheese trays and yummy snacks.

The coffee, tea and water table.

We did mini cupcakes for dessert and made a special cupcake holder for Jewell's.

Jewell's niece, Cheryl, flew in from Arizona. I think that surprised her more than anything!

After the initial surprise, we hit her again with another one...

...all of her friends surprising her as she walked into the kitchen.

Aunt Paula and Lily...I just love this picture.

Lily with my mom, Lao Lao. I think Lily was having a good time!

Jewell's good friend Edy reading a special poem she had written just for the occasion.

Robert's sister Ellen and her friend Jon-Marc who we hired to help for the party. Not only was he a great help, but he was also a very popular guest.;o)

Lily helping herself to some food.

Cheryl made Jewell a very special scrapbook for her birthday. They actually share the same birthday, although there are a few years between them.:o)

Jewell with her friend Dori...the Cuban firecracker!

The whole gang.

What better gift to give a grandma than pictures of her granddaughter? Gift giving sure has gotten easier since Lily came along.:o)

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karly said...

Oh, what a sweet time! Such a beautiful setting and gathering! I am sure she felt so honored and loved!!