Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More Pictures!

These are the pictures we got in the FedEx package today. They look like they were all taken at the same time as she is wearing the same thing in each picture. I can't stop staring at her! We also got the translation of her name from some very kind friends:

Lian=lotus or water lily (I LOVE that part of her name actually means Lily!)

Is it June yet???


Anonymous said...

A happy coincidence that Lian translates to water Lily? I think not! It is proof positive that when we focus our thoughts and prayers on our hearts' desire, our deepest wishes can be answered. God has blessed you with the daughter born just for you...

Love and an elated heart,
Auntie Ellen

Jill said...

Julianne & Robert...I am so thrilled for you. I will send positive thoughts for you during this next few may seem like a long wait, but now you have a light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs,
The Peerys

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! Can't wait to see her! You are very lucky and blessed in deed. And it's about time you made me a gramma!

Jenny said...

She is too cute. Love all the pictures. Congratulations once again.
Phil, Jenny, Jocelyn & Sara

Sharon Webster said...
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Sharon W. said...

That face!! What a beauty YOUR DAUGHTER is. And very soon, the photos of her will show her bright, beautiful smile, because she will be so happy to be home at last.
I know how long this next month will seem, but when it passes and you are finally together, the joy will make it all a distant memory.
I can't wait to meet Lily Grace!(And find sparkly little girl things for her)

Joannah said...

Congratulations on your referral! Lily is a beautiful little girl. You are very blessed!

Darlene said...

Dear Julianne and Robert, We are so happy for your good news and welcome Lily into your lives. You three will be richly blessed. May these next few weeks fly quickly. Blessings and joy on your expanding family. Love, The Sommerdorfs

Anonymous said...

Lily is so beautiful. Congratulations.
Best wishes,