Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy 2 Month Anniversary Lilybug!

I can't believe it, but Lily was placed in our arms 2 months ago today. Time has flown and Lily has grown! She will now pull herself up and walk while holding onto whatever she can, usually the coffee table or sofa. While we are sitting on the floor with her, she will crawl up to us, grab on , pull herself up and stand all by herself. She laughs hysterically like she is so proud of herself (which she should be!), and laughs even harder when she falls over which cracks us up! She recognizes so many words now. We can't even say "Cheerios" or "watermelon" anymore...she knows excatly what they are! She knows the names of and will perform almost always on command her funny faces ("scrunchy face" where she scrunches her nose and "psycho face" where she clenches her fists and tightens up her face). When in the car, she knows we have reached our destination by the sound of the parking brake being applied and she squeals with glee. We are so in awe of her and how incredibly well she is far beyond our expectations, which shows us God can do more than we can ever think to expect. Mommy and daddy love you so much sweet girl. We're so glad you're home!

Standing up at the coffee table enjoying her favorite snack.

She has such a great laugh. The best part is, she laughs a LOT!

Standing up with daddy.

"Look hands!"

"I'm standing all by myself!"

I just love this position she has found. Sooooo adorable! She tends to do it more when she is getting tired


Dillo said...

We just saw Lily and we can't believe she is standing up and almost doing somersaults!

All of our love---
Dillo and Hannah

Mel said...

She is gorgeous...and looking like it won't be long before she will be walking by herself. And it's great to see how obviously happy you all are now.
Well done to you both, Robert and Julianne...children really are a blessing from God :)

Patricia Arenas said...

Hi Julianne, I just saw the pictures of your Precious Lily, you all look GREAT!
Patty from Lanai