Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Silliness

Yaaahoooo! I love standing up all by myself!

Uh-oh...I'm goin' down!

I'm ok...I'm alright...it's ok!

Can you see in my mouth? That little white spot on the top right? That's my new tooth! (Don't mind the tissue paper hat!)

My crazy mom took advantage of my being trapped in my high chair and started playing with my hair. She says I look like "Boo" from Monsters Inc. in this picture.

She says I look like one of the Monkees in this one...whoever they are!

This is just getting rediculous....now I have a fountain coming out of my head!

Get me out of here!

Whoohoo...freedom! (And back to my normal hair!)


Chelsea Rae said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog but I loved it so much I had to blog about it!! I hope you don't mind!

Mel said...

hehehehe...great photos!! Looks like you had lots of fun Julianne :D
Life should be full of random silliness and other good things!