Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time with family and friends over the weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Robert's mom's house which was fantastic. She even made Lily her own sweet potatoes with the little marshmallows on top. Lily ate very well! I am probably one of the few people who do not go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I am not one for large crowds and all of the chaos at the malls. Whoever said Christmas brings out people's good holiday cheer has not been to the mall parking lot in December. However, we did go out to breakfast with my mom and my cousins, Donna, Perry and their son Derek, who were visiting from Oregon. It was their first time meeting Lily and we had a really nice visit. Later in the day we started pulling out the Christmas decorations. After we put Lily to bed we put up our Christmas tree (yes, we have a fake tree. I do miss the smell of a fresh tree, but having a tree that already has the lights on it...totally worth the trade off!). Anyway, Saturday morning after breakfast, Lily walked into the living room and then came running back to the kitchen with this priceless look on her face that said, "What IS that thing in our living room? It wasn't there yesterday!". I picked her up and we went to look at the tree. Now she loves to kiss the tree, say "Hi!" and wave to it. That evening we had friends and family over to help decorate her first Christmas tree. So far she has been very good at not touching the ornaments, but we'll see how that goes! Here are some pictures from our weekend...

Thanksgiving morning, Robert and I took Lily for a walk and ended up at the park. First we put Lily on the swing with me...

Then she tried it all by herself. I think she's getting to like it now!

My mom (Lao Lao) reading Lily's favorite book with her. Lily doesn't care much for the actual "reading" part yet. She just likes to look at the pictures and point to everything and turn the pages by herself.

The Thanksgiving family picture.

Lily LOVED her food!

My cousin Donna reading with Lily.

My mom, Derek, Me, Lily, Robert, Donna and Perry.

Saturday we had friends and family over for a tree-trimming party. This is Christopher (on the left) and Garrett. They did a great job of putting on the ornaments and did the bulk of the work themselves. Thank you guys!

Me with Lily and her friend Rachel.

Kerry (mom to Garrett and Christopher) helped decorate the tree.

Our friends Sean, Michele and Rachel.

Daddy and Lily watching the train go around the tree. Lily loves the train, until you put one of her toys in the empty car and she watches it go away. That part she doesn't like so much!

Daddy reading with Lily. I am so glad she has taken so well to books. I loved reading when I was younger and still do, I just don't read as much as I used to! I hope Lily enjoys it as much as I did.


Dillo said...

WHAT IS UP with Robert's expression in the family Thanksgiving photo? Dillo and H wanna know!

Robert said...

It's called pushing the self timer and rushing to get in the picture. It's also called trying to smile! Great, now I'm gonna be all self conscious.