Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lily's First Pumpkin Patch

Since Robert had the day off on Monday, we decided to finally get Lily to the pumpkin patch. We went to Underwood Farms, formerly Tierra Rejada Ranch. I had heard about it but had never been there. What a fun place! They had all kinds of animals, kiddie rides and TONS of pumpkins! Of course, we took just a couple pictures while we were there...

Even though Lily isn't smiling in this picture, I love it because of all the bright colors.

Lily knows that the cow says "moooo" (in Lily talk, it sounds more like "boooo"!)

A little pumpkin for our little pumpkin.

I think she was starting to cry here, but again, I love all of the bright colors in this picture!

Mommy and Lily surrounded by pumpkins.

Lily LOVES to ride on her daddy's shoulders.
She especially loves it when he runs or jumps up and down with her up there.

Walking off into the sunset...the loves of my life. I love this one.


Jill said...

Such fun photos of a loving family!!! Thanks for posting. Lily is adorable and I must say, Robert is looking quite svelt! You look as sunny as ever.

Big hugs from the wet northwest,

Sharon said...

Wow, she's not loving her daddy mich, is she? Sooo cute. Your little punkin had fun at the punkin patch.

Hugs and kisses,