Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh Robert! (And Dillo too!)

Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of my husband? Since May 1st, 2007, he has lost about 115 pounds. He has worked so hard and has been so diligient. Many years ago...20 to be exact...he and his friend Dillo flew up to San Francisco and rode their bikes home over an 8 day period. Since Robert started losing weight, he wanted to get back into bicycling. I don't remember when exactly he decided to ride the Solvang Century, but it was several months ago. He invited Dillo to go along with him for the ride. Robert has been training very hard and it sure paid off! He clocked 104 miles on Saturday. I have never been more proud of my husband than when I saw him cross that finish line...maybe with the exception of the first time I saw him holding our daughter. Here are some pictures of his amazing day.

At the starting point very early Saturday morning. The day started out pretty foggy, but it all burned off into a beautiful summer-like day.

Robert took pictures along the way using his cell phone. Gotta love cell phones!

Robert's sister Ellen joined us later in the day. Here she is following the real leader!

Lily did so well all day. She had a great time and played a LOT! About 10 minutes before Robert and Dillo finished, she finally had a melt down. That was TONS of fun! Poor baby. I can't blame her...she sure was a trooper for most of the day. So here is the documentation of said melt down for future bribery.;o)

Crossing the finish line....Wooooohooooo!

The end of a very long day.

Proud daddy...tired Lily.


Melissa said...

Woohoooo!! It was great to read how well Robert did with the race. And such a nice day...Thank you Lord!! It looks like you all had a fantastic time, regardless of Lily's meltdown at the end :D

Jill said...

Good Job, Robert!!! That's a big accomplishment. You look fabulous in all that bike gear. And Lily is adorable, tears or no. Way to go!