Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy 100th Post!

I did a very informal sort of semi photo shoot with Lily in her lovely purple Chinese outfit (thank you Auntie Jenny!). And what goes better with a Chinese outfit than a Chinese Panda!?!

Lily wearing her first pair of two piece non-footie pajamas. They were cute, but still not as cute as the footie kind (even though they were purple!).

We went on a playdate for Auntie Jenny's birthday at the mall the other day. Lily loved playing in the little kiddie area. This little girl is really on the move. She is no fan of her stroller anymore. She wants to run...not walk...everywhere! She also likes to push her stroller around now. She is such a big girl!

By the way...the oufit she is wearing here is one she wore when we first came home last summer. It is a size 3-6 months...she is 18 1/2 months old! The bottoms were supposed to be pants, but on her now they are more like bermuda shorts.;o) I just thought it was hilarious that she could still wear it...and I was glad because it's really cute!

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