Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Dr. Visits and My First Adoption "Run-In"

So I think poor Lily believes that every time we get in the car we are going to the doctors office. Poor thing. I don't blame her. Every time we have gotten in the car this week it has been to go to the doctor. I think we need to take her out to do something fun...very soon!

Anyway, we had to go back to the doctor this morning to have her TB test read and take another urine sample. The TB is negative and the urine is still chock full of protein. Her weight has gone down a little which is good. He sent us home and said he would call later with prescription info. When he called us, he said he wanted Lily to go to the lab for a couple more blood tests just to be on the safe side and rule out any other possibilities. I was not excited about that! But Lily was such a trooper today. She didn't cry at the office at all. In fact she was talking to the nurse and the doctor and running around like she lived there (which she practically has this week!). So after our morning visit, we went back to the office to pick up the prescription paper and the form for the additional blood work. We headed up to the lab, gave the nurse our paperwork and waited our turn. There was one other lady in the waiting room who was having fun watching Lily. She asked me if I was her mom or if I took care of her. I said, "She is my daughter.". She looked kind of shocked and said, "Oh. But she is Chinese." I said, "Yes. We adopted her." She said, "Oh. Ok." I thought that was the end of it until this brilliant statement came out of her mouth. "She acts like she thinks you are her real mom." ??????? After picking my jaw up off the floor I said, "I AM her real mom." She started to say something, but was saved by the nurse calling her in for her turn. I'm sure she didn't really understand what she was saying, at least I hope not! But after being home for a year and 3 months, this was the first dumb thing I've had said to me. Not too bad!:o)


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing out loud! I just can't believe some people. Poh Poh Lily - she really is a trooper! Lots of low-salt treats for her!
Love, Loa Loa

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Are you *sure* she didn't inflect it to mean something lovely like, "Isn't God wonderful? He adopts Gentiles and we become His children through and through, and likewise you adopt a little soul from across the world and somehow she knows that she is yours through and through..."

Because, really, anything less is just too dumb to be believed!

I'll be praying for Lily. So sad to see those pictures of her swollen little body. :(

Anonymous said...

Over the years, my parents and I had a few comments similar to yours. We would all just look at one another and snicker, confident in our love! no one will ever tell ME anything diffrent about who my parents are. I have felt this since day one and so does Lily!

Donna said...

I am anonymous, I am just to stupid to figure out how to use a blogg (not my era)

Momma Bear said...

I'm sorry to say 'welcome to Nephrotic Syndrome', but there are several of us online who have found each other for support. Come on over to my blog and you can see what you may be in for. It isn't all bad, just scary at first.