Friday, October 3, 2008

"Mommy found Jesus!"

Out of the mouths of babes. Let's start with yesterday. I left Robert at home with Lily so I could go with my mom to see Neil Diamond at the Hollywood Bowl (fantastic show!). At one point (ok...twice!) I called home to check in. Lily was having her daddy read to sweet! Robert told me she was asking for her "Jesus" book. Well, she has several and neither of us knew which one she was talking about. I ended the conversation with no idea what happened or if they found it. Fast forward to this afternoon. My mom, Robert, Lily and I are getting into the car to head over to the mall...mostly just to get out of the house for a while. As we're loading Lily into her car seat, I happened to glance at the box of books we keep for her in the car. I saw one of her bible books, picked it up and handed it to her. Lily took it and very excitedly shouted, "Mommy found Jesus!". Robert and I just cracked up! Yes baby...mommy sure did find Jesus.

Here are some of the pictures Robert took on his day off.

Lily playing with her shaker eggs in her music class.

Lily and I got to beat a drum together.

Lily in the pumpkin patch.

This sheep sure looks a lot like Lily!

I just love this sunflower photo. Beautiful color.


Val said...

That is really cute! Don't you love when they say things that crack you up!

Carina said...

Well...Lily's theology is still developing. Mommy didn't find Jesus. Jesus found Mommy. :)