Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Look who loves spaghetti...and her mommy!

Lily is not typically a messy eater...except when it comes to spaghetti. For some reason it's just more fun for her to eat it with her fingers rather than with her fork!

We finally (!!) got Lily into the big bathtub. We have been usuing the little tub that goes in the sink for over a year. We have only 1 bathroom with an actual bathtub, and it had sliding shower doors. It was such a pain to get to with the way the bathroom is designed. The couple of times we tried it, I'd have Robert take the shower doors out of the tracks so I'd at least have full access. It was such a hassle and so much easier to just pull out the little blue tub and put it in the kitchen sink. We kept doing it even though her knees were practically in her face! Anyway, Robert finally ripped out the whole shower door and frame and we got a shower curtain. So. Much. Better. Lily loves the big tub, and her new Veggie Tales bath toy.:o)

So we are officially at our new church as of this last Sunday. Ever since our first visit Lily would randomly say, "Cry new church". Then I'd talk to her about how much fun she had and she would tell me about all of the toys she got to play with. This went on for 2 weeks! So we kept prepping her for the new church and reminding her how much fun she had. We took her to her new room (turns out she was in the wrong room the first time...since she is now 2 (!) she should no longer be in the nursery) and of course she screamed her head off. Ugh! I hated leaving her there like that, but I knew she would be okay once she was preoccupied. After the service we made the mad dash to get her. We saw her before she saw us. She was playing with something, then looked up , saw us there and started crying again! Apparently she cried a little bit off and on and became best friends with Ms. Beth who did her best to try to comfort her and keep her entertained. I am grateful to Ms. Beth! Anyway, Lily still says, "Cry new church.", but then she tells us about the microwave and oven she got to play with (a toy kithcen of course!) and how they played music...she said, "guitar" so I guess someone was playing one in her class, and she talks about the kids as well. I know she will be fine once she adjusts, I just hate putting her through such a big change. She is a tough cookie though and I know she'll be fine.

Robert had the day off today, so he got to go with Lily and I to her music class and then we went to the pumpkin patch. I'll have more pictures soon!


Val said...

Great spaghetti shots!

Hopefully this week at church will be a little better for her.

And they tub! Sometimes my kids will play in the tub until the water is freezing!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

You're such a good mommy, Julianna! To my shame, I must admit that I worked hard to keep the mealtime messes down, and when I wasn't successful, I used to get angry. :(

But oh! What I wouldn't do for a chance to just sit and stare at such antics again. I'd probably make the whole afternoon just about that...and bathtime afterward until the fingertips pruned. :)

It's such a pleasure to come by and read about how you and Robert truly delight in the blessing God has given you in Lily.