Monday, September 22, 2008

Say Cheese!

I love how Lily smiles when we ask her to say cheese. Talk about a "cheesy" grin! One of her favorite games is to hold any inanimate object up to her eye and walk around saying, "Smile! Cheese! Good one!". She must be the daughter of a photographer or something.;o)

Cheesy smile at home.

We got to our gymnastics class a little early last week, so we played on the playground for a little while.


Val said...

Oh no, you are in the land of cheesy pictures! Lucky for you, Lily is so cute she couldn't take a bad pic.

We have found that at this stage to have them say something that won't give them a strange face, like pizza or tomato.

Fran said...

Please contact me. I think my husband and I knew your dad and mom when they were first married.
My name is Frances Ontiveros.
My husband's name is Jay. Your dad and he were in the Air Force together. We all lived in Abilene, TX, in the same apartment complex when we were all first married.

Julianne said...

Hello Frances~

Yes...those were my parents in Abilene. I couldn't find an email address for you so I'm hoping you will check back here. Please email me at