Monday, February 23, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened... I was preparing the previous post. Lily was playing in the living room and hollered back to me asking if she could have a piece of candy she had received from her "Auntie Kari" for Valentine's Day. They are in a little candy jar on an end table in the living room. Usually she is very good about not touching anything unless we tell her it's ok. I had already told her several times she could have one after lunch, so I hollered back to her that same statement. Things got quiet...never a good I made my way to the living room just in time to catch a little hand in the candy jar. She saw me and with eyes as big as saucers immediately pulled her hand out. I asked her very calmly, "What are you doing?" and she BURST into tears! Things like this just make me laugh, especially when I think of how so many people talk about how "innocent" children are. Ha! We are all born sinners in need of a Savior. She was guilty and she knew it. It is such a blessing and I am so thankful to see God working in her heart already.

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