Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tap Tap Tap... this thing still on? Hello there! It's been a while. It seems I've got some catching up to do, and seeing as I have a few people curious about my whereabouts, I figure I'd better get on the ball. Lily is doing incredibly well and growing like a weed. I can't believe how big she is and how much she is talking...we have full-on converstaions now. The rate at which she is learning just blows me away and makes me all the more excited about homeschooling her...although a little nervous at the same time.:o)

She is now in the middle of her second relapse with her Nephrotic Syndrome. She relapsed back in October and the doctor recommended weaning her off of the prednisone at a much slower rate this time so as to avoid another relapse. She will probably be on it through the end of April, but we are praying that this will do the trick and no more relapses!

So of course I've got some pictures for you! These are from back in the fall, and I'll update with more recent pictures again soon...I promise!

On Halloween we took Lily to the "Pumpkin Park". It was a pumpkin patch here in town and she called it the Pumpkin Park because of all the fun things they had to do there. She had a blast! I wasn't sure how she would do on this big was sooooo high and I was sooooo nervous! She had no problem at all. She climbed right up and slid right back down...3 times!

Way up there ready for the big slide down!

Lily and her best friend Rachel had a play date and we took a walk to the park. They are so very cute together. Rachel even picked out this little panda and purse from the zoo for Lily. I hope they will be best friends forever!

The sweetest thing...

Cooking with Chef Lily. She LOVES to help me bake. Of course she needs to put on her apron and chef's hat also. She is such a good helper!

Carefully pouring...she is quite meticulous.


Jill said...

She is just beautiful!! Thanks for the update. I love the chef hat and the best friend pics. Isn't it sweet to watch them develop relationships with people besides family? Much love to you all!

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear Lily had another relapse. Hope she is on the mend.

karly said...

So good to "hear" from you again! :) Yes, I'm sorry, too, that Lily had a relapse. Poor girl!

I just can't believe how grown up she's getting! It's just the kids getting older, not us, right? :)