Friday, February 5, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yes, it's a little late, but better late than never, right?;o) We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus and trying so hard to teach Lily the real reason for the season. It is so important to us, and because she knows how important it is to us, we hope it will become important to her. Now of course we did our fare share of "helping the economy" this year as well. How could we not when we get smiles like this??:o)

Mommy went a little overboard this year with the stockings...we needed 2 of them to hold all of her stuff!

She was so excited to see this feather boa! Every time we go to Michael's she wants to go see the "feathers". And to think she used to be afraid of them.

Her favorite show now is "Super Why". She absolutely loves it, and it's educational too!:o) Princess Presto is her favorite and daddy found this great dress up outfit for her.

Lily loves all things kitchen related. She got some new Kitchen Littles this year...many thanks to Mantha and Jenny.:o)

These "Fur Real" toys are amazing! They move and make noises and are just adorable! Lily named hers "Effie Flower Panda" and caries her around like a real baby. She is a very good Mommy to Effie.

And the "piece de resistance" (said with a perfect French accent of course)...

I only wish I had captured the actual look on her face when she saw this, but my little point and shoot camera was a little slow. Let's just say she was VERY excited...and that is a big understatement.

This face made it all worth it.:o)

We have had many delicious meals made by Lily in her kitchen. It is so nice, I told her it's even nicer than mommy's which she responded, "Yes but my kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher...or a toaster!".

We had a lovely Christmas celebrated with our family and a great friend (who makes amazing rolls by the way!) After the holidays were over, it came time to "clean up Christmas". When I mentioned this to Lily, she kept asking about her kitchen and if we could give it to her again next year. I didn't understand at first, but finally figured out what was going on in her head. She thought that by "cleaning up Christmas" it meant we were going to put all of her new presents away until next year! Poor sweet thing. She just loves that kitchen so much and even though she thought we were going to put it away, she didn't get upset, but simply asked if she could get it again next year. Boy...what a sweet and precious girl we have. To this day she still says, "Thank you for my kitchen mommy. ILOVE it!". We are so blessed.

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