Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lily's Finding Ad

Look what we got in the mail yesterday!

This is Lily's Finding Ad. When an abondoned child is found, an ad is placed in the paper stating where and when they were found, their approximate birthdate and a description of what the child looks like. China allows time for the birthparents to reclaim their baby before making them available for adoption. How often does it happen that a child is reclaimed? I can't imagine very often at all. Here is the translation of Lily's ad:

Wang Yu Lian
A girl
She was born on August 15, 2006
On August 16, 2006 she was found at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau of County
She has a Buddha face and light skin

A "Buddha face" is certainly a perfect description of our girl! We are so thankful she was intentionally left in a place where she would be found right away. I can only assume she must have been loved to be left in such a place. I wish I could somehow tell her birthmom how grateful I am and always will be to her.

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