Monday, June 25, 2007

Lily's Room

Here are some pictures of Lily's Room. We still have a few final touches to do, but it's done for the most part.

This is the new "Everyday Display" board from Creative Memories. It's magnetic so you can change out the pictures and use different scrapbooking papers to decorate it. I LOVE this!

This picture was handpainted by one of the teachers at the school where I used to work. Monika did a beautiful job and it goes perfectly in Lily's room. She also has a website if you want to see some of her other artwork and maybe order one for yourself!


Jill said...

Wow....Lily's Room looks wonderful! You guys sure did a beautiful paint job. All in anticipation of a sweet little girl, who will be coming home so very soon. My thoughts are with you as July will be a most memorable month!
Love you lots-Jill

Anonymous said...

It's adorable! She'll love it!


Sharon said...

Naturally, Robert's photography is awesome as usual. Great photos of Miss Lily's room. Love the dresser and the little ladybug rug. Lily will be a very happy little girl in that bright and beautiful room, decorated with so much love.

Hope to see the family of three soon!
Love you,