Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lovely Lily Moments

Monday night I was getting ready to warm Lily's milk for dinner. I just so happened to pull out a purple bottle from the cupboard and showed it to her...she loves to tell us what color her bottle is. When she saw it, she surprised me by saying she wanted yellow. Huh? First, how could the daughter of a purple-loving mommy ask for yellow? Second, she had never asked for a specific color before. I figured I could honor her request in this instance so I returned to get the yellow bottle. Lo and behold, her sole yellow bottle was dirty and in the dishwasher. I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry baby. The yellow one is dirty. We have to use purple." She looked up at me and said, "It's aw-wight." Talk about melting your heart!

As we were eating dinner and talking, Robert turned to her at one point and asked her to say her name. She has never once even attempted to say her name. Of course she knows her name...when we ask her, "Where's Lily?" she points to herself. But if you point to her in a picture or ask her her name, she always says, "Baby!" So we fully expected the typical "Baby" in response to his question. Boy were we surprised when she blurted out, "Yi-yee!". Ha! She said her name! She only did it one more time during dinner, and not once since then. I guess she figured she'd appease us by letting us know she could in fact say her name, she just doesn't want to!

And on a funny note...Lily seems to have developed quite an aversion to fur. In this house, with a dog and a cat that never. stop. shedding, this has been quite challenging. As I heard her rousing yesterday morning and playing with her stuffed "friends" in her bed, I heard a very sudden and loud cry. It became very persistent which is pretty unusual in the morning. I had just started getting her breakfast ready so I went in to see what was wrong. She was just sitting in her bed staring. As soon as she saw me she pointed at her sheet and cried out, "Fuuuuuuuh!!". I looked in her bed and saw a little black tuft of "fur" that had fallen out of one of her stuffed animals. As soon as I took it out and threw it away, she stopped crying and all was well again. Boy oh boy...this is going to be fun!


Karly said...

I love reading your Lily moments! :)

Val said...

That is too cute!