Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random (Mostly) Lily Pictures

I say "mostly" because this first picture is obviously not of Lily (believe it or not, there are actually a few other pictures without her in them!). Some people have asked me to post my work. I am a new Stampin' Up! demonstrator, however, I am not new to Stampin' Up! I've been stamping for probably 9 years or so. I don't usually take pictures of the items I create, but maybe I will start doing that and posting them here. That will probably also help me remember what I've made since I give most of the things I make away!

We went out for dinner on May 1st. It was not only the anniversary of the day we received our referral for Lily, it is also Robert's mom's birthday. I made the gift tag that's on the bag, the wrapping paper and the card. The card isn't pictured though...just the envelope.

After church recently, we went to lunch at the Claimjumper with some friends. Talk about a kid friendly place! They had plastic bibs, a placemat that stuck to the table, and they brought beautiful plates of food for them. There was applesauce, cheese, sliced turkey and mandarin orange slices. We didn't even have to order them any food (nor did we have to share any of ours!).

The plastic bib didn't last too long though, so we had to eventually use one of ours.

After lunch we went outside to the play area. We discovered on this day that Lily does not like sand. We thought she'd love it. Nope. She started crying immediately. I took her shoes off thinking maybe she didn't like the way the sand felt between her feet and shoes. Nope. After that she refused to be put down on the sand. She kept raising her legs up so we couldn't put her down. Going to the beach this summer will be interesting. I told Robert we may need to be on the lookout for the worlds largest beach towel!

Another crying Lily picture for posterity.

I took this one day while we were folding laundry. Talk about a lucky shot...I love this picture.

Another fun day at gymnastics.

Poking around out in the backyard. Her favorite place to be is outside. As I'm sitting here typing this, Lily is sitting on my lap looking at the picture of herself outside and saying, "Ow-sigh! Ow-sigh!". I guess it's time for us to go outside for a little while.:o)


Karly said...

Beautiful work, Julianne! I so need to get more creative in my work!

And, of course, Lily is a doll! I can't imagine her ever crying-- the one of her doing so is priceless! (And why is it always cuter when other people's kids cry? My kids don't look this cute crying.) :)

Happy Mother's Day, Julianne! :)

Val said...

I can't believe you made that wrapping is beautiful.
When I give a gift, your lucky it's not wrapped in newspaper held together with duct tape. My creativity just hasn't peaked yet, I think!

And of course Lily....she is so cute. The sand thing...too are going to have to show her how to make a princess castle...maybe she will get into then.

Jill said...

Gotta love those pics of Lily in tears. It is amazing how cute other people's kids are when they cry. :) She's such a cutie pie. And like Derick, the outside is the place to be.

Happy Mother's Day, Jules.

Love ya!

Rose said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for all the support you've given us - I really appreciate it.

Have a fantastic Mother's Day! Lily is just beautiful.

- Rose