Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun

This weekend it was HOT HOT HOT! Spring has barely begun and it already feels like summer. We were able to spend some fun time cooling off though. Saturday we went out to Malibu. We were invited by Patric's parents, Moni and Juergen. Robert and Patric have been friends since the 4th grade...a veeeeeeerrrrrry long time.;o) Anyway, his parents were very kind to invite us for lunch. We had a lovely visit and were given a tour of their beautiful new home. After 12 years of living in a single wide mobile home on their land there, they finally finished building it, I guess about 2 years ago or so. That is a long story, but I think it was worth the wait!

Lily kicking back in the hammock on the balcony.

Standing on the same balcony. I love how it looks like her head is surrounded
by a heart with the iron scroll work behind her. The view behind her isn't too shabby either!

Moni and Juergen gave Lily some fun new toys to play with at the beach.
Of course it's going right into the mouth. This is fairly new...she's usually not too
interested in putting things other than food in her mouth.
I guess another new phase has begun!

Lily looks so small in this big room!

Me and Lily with Moni and Juergen on the balcony.

These aren't great shots...the lighting was less than ideal, but it's better than nothing!

On Sunday after church, my mom came over for lunch and we decided to pull out Lily's little pool from last summer. The top layer had a hole somewhere so it wouldn't stay inflated, but the bottom part was fine. Lily still had fun. She loves water and she loves to be outside. She is continually standing at either the front or back door saying, "Ow-sigh? Ow-sigh?"
(Lily language for "outside").

Lily had lots of fun jumping up and down on Lao-Lao's lap.
I don't think Lao-Lao minded too much.:o)


Val said...

Don't you just love the teeny tiny baby bikinis!

Heard I provided a good laugh for you guys on your way home from Malibu! Thanks again for laughing "with" me....'cause I got plenty at home who still laugh "at" me!

Karly said...

Lily language-- I love it! :)

Looks like she had lots of fun!