Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Spring!

Although living in Southern California, I can't really say we have "seasons". It's pretty much summer most of the time...maybe a little chilly and wet in the winter. Robert and I have very different opinions on what it means to be "cold". I have to be able to see my breath when I'm outside before I'll start hearing anything about how cold it is. Robert doesn't like it when it dips below 72! Being from Alaska, I never got used to the hot weather here and am not looking forward to the arrival of summer. However, one great thing about summer this year will be celebrating Lily's 2nd birthday! I'm already trying to decide what her birthday party theme will be this year.:o)

Speaking of Lily...;o) are a few pictures taken in March. I can't believe she is 19 months old already...almost 20. Ack! We experienced our first "parental manipulation" (for lack of a better term) a few days ago. I was in the kitchen and Robert was in the living room. Lily had been snacking on some crackers and came to me asking for more. I told her no...she had had enough already. She usually takes "no" pretty well...she just looked at me and walked away. Next thing I hear is her running over to daddy asking "more?". I could not believe it! I knew this would happen, but I had no idea it would be this soon! Robert yelled out to me, "Did you hear what she just did?!?". Part of me was in shock, part of me wanted to laugh, and part of me was very impressed with my brilliant daughter!;o) Needless to say, Robert and I took a united front and Lily was denied a second time. And so it begins...

Lily in our backyard. I wanted to get some pictures of her outside
for a special gift I am making Aunt Paula for her birthday.

We went out to dinner with several friends a couple of weeks ago. While we were waiting for our food, one of the waitresses brought me a plate with some whipped cream and blueberries and asked if Lily could have it. She was so sweet to do that and to ask if it was could I say no? Obviously, Lily enjoyed her special treat.

She is just the sweetest thing in the whole world (even when she is manipulative!).
This picture starts to capture just a little bit of that side of her.
This top is actually a dress I thought was way too short for her.
Even though she is a baby and people think it's so cute, we want to start early with lessons in modesty. I thought I'd try it with jeans, and it looks so adorable! I love this new trick. She has several short dresses that will now be tops!

My friend Jenny was right...the big toothy smiles are just as cute as the big gummy ones!


Rose said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving such kind words.

Your daughter is just beautiful! She has a gorgeous smile and looks like a wonderful little girl!

I'm bookmarking your blog and will be reading through your adventures! =)

- Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those are just the most wonderful pictures! LOVE the new top with the jeans, the pic of her with whipped cream, and that new fav pic is mine, too! The "parental manipulatin" I'm sure will have its challenges~which I know you guys will meet~but it sure is just facinating to watch her little personality emerge...
Love, Auntie Ellen

Bunny Trails said...

What beautiful pictures! Your daughter is so sweet.

I found Robert's blog through Wordless Wednesday and thought I'd come check out yours. It's awesome to see what a blessing Lily is to you. :D

Melissa said...

awww you have got some amazingly gorgeous shots there of your little girl!! I just love the one of Lily looking into the flower :)

I love seeing our children's individual personalities develop...even through the difficult times of them testing the boundaries and yeah manipulating to try to get what they want, it continues to be an amazing journey.

I just love being a parent...what a privilege!

Val said...

She is so darn cute!
And the's just the beginning!

We use that little trick with the short dresses works and it does look very cute!