Monday, November 24, 2008

Lily Update

Lily is still doing incredibly well, all things considered. We had another follow up with her doctor today. She wasn't too excited about seeing him, but she was "a bwave guhl". She is still on the full prescribed dose of predisone until the 30th. Starting in December we get to start lowering the doseage to every even day. We have an appointment with the specialist in January, so I'm sure we'll get more detailed information then as far as weaning her off.

I took some cute pictures of Lily at the park the other day. They are pretty good, by my standards.;o) Of course Lily is an easy subject and extrememly photogenic. The first picture is Lily in her ladybug costume at Halloween. At this point she had not been on the predisone very long. It was just long enough for her kidneys to start functioning properly and help her lose all of that water weight, but just before the prednisone started puffing her up. You'll notice quite a big difference here. Either way, she is perfectly beautiful, inside and out.

By the way, we had a very beautiful melt-your-heart moment this morning. I was getting ready for the day as Lily was watching "Bob" (also known as "Veggie Tales"). Out of the blue she said to me, "I keep mommy forever!" She just kills me. I know I've said this before, but I can't say it enough...we are so blessed.

What a sweet smile.

I love this picture...she looks so deep in thought.

Airplane arms...she learned that at gymnastics class.

Pointing at the clouds in the sky. She is so fascinated by everything...I love it.


Lindsay said...

What a cutie - and she looks beautiful. Love her Halloween photo: gorgeous smile. Glad the medication has been so helpful for Lily.

Sharon W said...

Those are just the most adorable photos of your sweet girl. How right you are, she certainly is photogenic, and really seems to enjoy having her picture taken.