Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Week...

...come and gone. They go by so fast! Here are some fun pictures of Lily from this week. I still have to post the video from her dedication. I've been having trouble posting video onto Blogger, but once I (meaning Robert!) figure it out, I'll have a few more videos to post.

Lily is doing incredibly well. She is such a happy little girl. We are truly enjoying every minute God has blessed us with her. I still can't believe he has entrusted us with such a precious gift. We continue to be thankful and amazed.

Lily and Shayna. Shayna is still trying to figure her out, but seems to be doing pretty well. Tonight at dinner, Lily reached over her high chair for Shayna, and she actually came over and licked her hand! That was pretty exciting, and Lily loved it!

Snuggling with Daddy. She just recently started dong this...resting her head on our shoulders when she is tired.

Drinking from her sippy cup. She got some sippy cups for her birthday (thank you Dave and Jen!). We tried them out this week and she loves them! She's still working on the coordination, but at least she will hold it by herself, unlike her bottle which she still refuses to touch.

Move Over Beethoven! These aren't great shots as I took them myself while she was sitting on my lap, but she sure had a good time banging on those keys. I see piano lessons in our future...

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