Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Many Faces of Lily.

Last night we took Lily out for an impromptu birthday dinner with her Nai Nai, Lau Lau and Auntie Ellen. Lily's favorite part was definitely the bread!

Lily and mommy.

Lily with her Lau Lau.

Lily's many funny faces.

This one is new...and really funny with a mouth full of food! (Sometimes you just can't help but laugh!)

Our future Dentist examining her daddy's mouth.


Val said...

I looked back over your archives to see where your daughter is from...she's from very near our Ava's! About sixty miles straight east, another time as far from Nanchang as your daughter's SWI is. :o)

I've seen other little girls from Ava's SWI who look very similar to your daughter--I wonder if it's a regional thing??

Fronde said...

Great work.