Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Week in Pictures

On Thursday, August 16th, Lily and I went to the park with Jenny and her girls. It was a beautiful park and they had a great area for smaller kids. I tried putting Lily in the swing. She had a blast at first, but then she started to get a little nervous...I'm not sure why. Maybe because she realized she was in an actual swing and I wasn't holding her? Anyway, here are a couple of shots in the swing.

Our new favorite Lily face. I know I posted one like this before, but I can't help it! Too cute.

"Look what I can do! I can pick up watermelon and cheerios and feed them to myself!" She started doing this on Friday the 17th.

"This is me doing the sign for 'more' which I also started doing all by myself on Friday. Sometimes I feel like doing it, and sometimes I don't, but it works much better and I get my food much faster when I do!"

Saturday morning we went to go visit our friends Mike and Kerry and their boys. It was my first time meeting them, and I LOVE them because they have a bunch of "Little People" toys! Why didn't someone tell me about these sooner??"

"This is me with Uncle Phil. We saw him on Saturday too."

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Amiee said...

Just want to say that your daughter is adorable. Thanks for sharing. It makes the wait a little easier when I see a beautiful face like hers.