Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Feeling Better

Last night was a much better night for Lily...and for us! When we first put her down (very late as we had a treatment at 10:00pm) she coughed quite a bit. Finally she fell asleep. I watched her for a while, making sure I could see her little chest moving up and down. Next thing I knew it was morning! I got up to get ready for the day before waking her. When I came out of the bathroom, daddy had her on his lap feeding her her morning bottle. What an amazing feeling. It was so precious to see him there with her...his daughter. As soon as she saw me she started fussing, but not nearly as badly as she usually does. They are doing so much better. I finished feeding her as Robert got ready. The 2 of them went down to breakfast together while I finished preparing for the day. It's so quiet in this room when she isn't here. When I went down daddy was feeding her breakfast and she didn't cry to come to me! That was quite a milestone for her. After breakfast we went back to the clinic for her nebulization treatment. We were prepared for a 15 minute screaming session. We got about 30 seconds of mild protest and then she fell asleep! At this very moment, she is lying in her crib and daddy is lying on the bed next to her. We thought she'd be exhausted and want to take a nap, but it's not to be. She is giggling and making her little baby sounds, trying with all her might to sit up by herself. Our baby is going to be ok...praise God. The next thing we have to do is go to the Consulate for our oath at 3:00, and then the last nebulization and final doctor visit at 5:30. Then we come back to the room to pack our things and get ready to head home. I've never looked forward to going home so much. Please continue to pray for her health, and for our travels tomorrow. I'll post again once more before we leave, and hopefully I'll have a few more pictures. We didn't get any yesterday with all that was going on, but we will be sure to get a picture of Dr. Nong...our hero!

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