Saturday, July 21, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

If only it were as easy as clicking my heals and repeating that phrase! All in all, our trip home was relatively uneventful. We made all of our flights and our luggage all made it home! The only thing newsworthy about the trip was about 2 hours into the 12 hour flight. I gave Lily her bottle...she must have been starving because she gulped that thing down like she had never eaten before! The next thing I knew it was all coming back up, all over me. Then I heard the loudest crying I'd ever heard come out of her. I think it scared her more than anything. She was so upset and I was so blessed to be able to comfort her...even with baby throw up all over me! I didn't even care. All that mattered was making my daughter feel better. I had packed a few extra outfits for her, but nothing for me. Needless to say, mommy didn't smell too good by the time we got to San Francisco! The best part of the trip was going through immigration in San Francisco and bringing our newest American Citizen across the official border...our little American girl. She did so well on the trip home. She just amazes me...she is so adaptable and easy going. We finally got to the house around 4:00 and were greeted by a very happy Shayna! By about 6:30 Lily had had enough so we put her down for the night. I thought for sure she'd wake up during the night, but there was not a peep. I kept checking on her, paranoid mommy that I am, and she was just lying there sound asleep. She didn't wake up until 8:00 this morning. It was a long day!

As soon as we get the rest of the pictures uploaded and re-sized, I'll post them...hopefully by this evening or tomorrow. For now we are soooo glad to be home!


Jill said...

Welcome home, my friends! So glad you all survived the long flight. I'll be watching for more photos!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I checked your blog everyday and really loved hearing about your adventures in parenthood(I was on the edge of my seat when she was sick)! Isn't it amazing how throw-up on your clothes from your child just doesn't bother you when all you want to do is comfort them! Lily is extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents and now that your home you guys really get to bond and enjoy the ups and downs of parenthood in the safety of your own home (and country!). Can't wait to have a playdate once you guys are settled.-Marisa

Sharon said...

Ah, so now you have truly been christened into motherhood. There's nothing like traveling for some long hours while soaked with baby vomit to get you really "immersed" in motherhood.
You've already experienced so many of the "ups" and downs! Oops, sorry for yet another pun.
I look forward to seeing your coming home photos, and more than anything, finally getting to meet your daughter. Get lots of rest, and hope to see you very soon. Hugs and kisses...xoxox
Love, Sharon