Monday, July 9, 2007


SHE'S HERE! I can't believe it! I was so nervous when we were on that bus going to the Civil Affairs Office. I had no idea what to many questions running through my mind. Will I be a good mom? Will I know what to do when she cries? What will I feed her? Will I know what to do when she's sick? Then I saw that a hot, muggy room filled with anxious and nervous parents. Some babies were crying, some were quiet. They called her name and our number...we were next. They checked our passports and a man handed her to daughter. She is real...not a dream! All of my fear, nervousness and anxiety were all gone...I was lost in the beautiful eyes of my child and nothing else mattered anymore. We are a family...created by the miracle of adoption. I never would have dreamed this was the plan God had in store for us. We are so grateful to Him for blessing us this way and giving us dreams we never knew we had.

Here are our first pictures as a family. Now I am going to go watch my daughter sleep...

Mommy and Lily

Daddy and Lily

Our first family photo!

Lily's first bottle from mommy.

The beautiful smile we've been waiting so long to see.


Anonymous said...

Let me see if I can type through the tears...happy, happy tears!!! Lily, you are beyond beautiful, and our deepest wishes come true. You are the child chosen just for your Mom and Dad, and all the rest of your family who love you so much.

Your parents have never looked happier. And since I'm your Aunt, and have know your Daddy since he was your age, I know what I'm talking about!!! I'm so happy for you Robert and Julianne. I don't know who is the most "ladybug" blessed, the two of you, or Lily!! :) God bless come home so I can hold that little angel and give you guys a hug!!

All my love,
Aunt Ellen

Anonymous said...

While I sit here looking at all of the beautiful photos of your new family I am in tears. Lily is so beautiful and I can tell she was meant to be in your family. You all look so happy. The pictures are precious. Garrett and Chritstopher have been looking at the photos and cannot wait to meet Lily. Garrett looked at her and said, "There is Lily and her Chinese name even means 'water lily'." We feel blessed to walk with you through this journey Looking for Lily.

Kerry, Michael, Garrett, and Christopher

Jessica said...

First off i would like to say congratulations!!!!!!!

I am so so so happy for you both. You have been waiting so long and I can't imagine the joy you have. Lily Grace is absolutely beautiful. I am super excited to meet her!

I wish you all the happiness on the world. God Bless

Jessica S. =]

Anonymous said...

I ran home today at lunch for this moment!! I am sitting here bawling happy tears! I can't stop looking at your joyous faces, what a beautiful daughter you have!! and what a wonderful gift she has been given having you two as her mommy and daddy.
Lot's of Love,
Donna, Perry, Derek and Lisa

Deb, Jason, Ben and Charlie said...

Need to dry my eyes. We could not be happier for you. Lily is so sweet, so beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of your lives...

Anonymous said...

Julianne when I saw Lily in your arms it was so beautiful. I sit here now still wiping my eyes. She is here, she is really here She is so beautiful and she yours! In your arms. Well, mommy amazing isn't it?

I remember that feeling of overwhelming love, beauty and best of that you are a family! I am so so happy for you guys! I am ruining my make-up for my meeting! I need to touch up! I love you and enjoy every part of parenthood!

Give her a hung and kiss for me too!


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert, Julianne and Lil' Lily

I am so thrilled to see you so happy together. The Joy of holding a precious little child. It's reminds me the love of Christ to us, adopted us all to be His beloved children. What a great previledge you all have to experience this moment.
I pray for Lil' Lily for her salvation and her life would be usefull for God's Glory.
I just couldn't help my self to cry...
Please invite us over to share your precious blessing once you come back to the US...
meanwhile enjoy your trip, takes lots of pictures to share.
we will be praying for your safe flight back to California...
we love you...
kisses for Lil' Lily,
The Mason Family

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a beautiful family! It is so obvious that you have lived your lives for this moment in time. Precious, beautiful Lily is so happy to meet her mommy and daddy at last. I have tears of joy for all of you, and can't wait to see you all back in your home, a joyous family of three! Love to you across the sea!

Linda said...

I found your blog through Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful! My husband and I hope to begin filling out the paperwork a year from now.

Jill said...

Julianne & Robert....such beautiful photos of your first moments with Lily. I am so happy for you...and I know you'll be great parents. You will be guided by a strong spirit and love.

Woo Hoo!!!

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Julianne, Robert and Lily,

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. Lily is just adorable, she looks like a little doll! We love the first photos of Lily, Mommy & Daddy with Lily and the newly formed family of 3! We can see the joy on all of your faces. The photos are wonderful and we look forward to reading your post everyday. This is so exciting (and we're only reading about it)!

Hugs to all,
Jenny, Mike & Samantha

Amy said...

Congratulations! Oh my, your Lily looks alot like our Olivia! I checked to see if they're from the same province but they aren't. I had to show my husband & even he thought they look alot alike. Their referral pics don't look similar, but their current ones do. Amazing :) Best wishes on the rest of your trip!

Marilyn Austin said...

Julianne & Robert -

How wonderful for you. I just learned very recently about the adoption of Lily. God has chosen a beautiful little girl just for you, and isn't she special. Congratulations! I'll be praying for your safety in the remainder of yoru trip and all the details of the adoption to go smoothly. Shepherds' will look forward to seeing you soon, I'm sure. Love, Marilyn Austin