Monday, July 16, 2007

We Have Access!

Ok, so for some reason I am able to access the blog today. First things first...we got our luggage! They finally delivered them to our hotel room this afternoon around 3:00 (it's Monday here). We were so excited, it was like Christmas morning going through them! They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the person who was supposed to bring them couldn't find them at the airport...good grief! Well, now they are here and all is well. Hopefully they'll all get home ok on Friday.

Things here are going so well. Lily is still having issues with daddy, but we are working on it. She had lots of fun playing with him today. It will be much easier, I think, once we get home and get settled in there. Lily had her medical appointment this morning. She did very well. We had to go to 3 different rooms. First a Dr. listened to her heart, checked her body to make sure she looked ok and measured her head circumference...17 inches. Then we went to another Dr. who checked her ears (ear wax build up but no infection...yeah!), checked her eyes and stuck a tongue depressor in her mouth. She didn't care for that too much but she did very well. Last was the nurse who checked her weight (15.7 lbs...much smaller than we expected), her length (I forget now...but she is tall!) and her temp (96.8). She hated all of that because they had to take her and she doesn't like being taken from me. But she was a trooper! Afterwards we got to go shopping on Shaiman Island. It is really nice many shops full of cute baby things. They are all standing in the doorways just waiting for us new parents! Of course we got her a couple of new dresses and 2 pairs of shoes. She is so much fun to shop for!

The most exciting thing happened at lunch today...she fed herself for the first time! I'll post pictures below so you can see. Let me just tell you now...this girl LOVES watermelon! Hopefully I'll be able to continue posting. If not, Jenny has been so kind as to offer to continue if I can't...thank you Auntie Jenny! Enjoy the pictures of the most beautiful baby ever!:o)

(There are lots more pictures at and )

Lily practicing with the chopsticks.

Lily's favorite game...blowing raspberries!

Playing peek-a-boo with her Nai Nai.

Some of the families in our group waiting to see the Doctors.

Lily and Mommy playing while we wait.

Lily sitting all by herself on the famous red couch at the White Swan hotel. She usually cries when we sit her by herself. She was such a good girl!

Mommy, Lily, Daddy and Laura, Annalise and Michael...a very sweet couple in our travel group. We've been together for the whole trip...our girls are from the same orphange in Jiangxi.

Lao Lao, Mommy, Lily, Daddy and Nai Nai on the red couch.


Say "Ahhhhhh!".

Lily feeding herself...such a big girl! (And a very proud daddy in the background!)

She is such a crack up!

She can't get enough!


Amy said...

Olivia LOVES LOVES LOVES her watermelon too! Adorable pics :)

Anonymous said...


I am catching up on all the events! You guys, Lily is so beautiful! She is amazing! I so love love looking at the pictures of the family together. Bring her home! I want to meet her! It looks like a very beautiful place. You are very blessed.

Agian, give her hugs from me too!


Jill said...

Love the photos, on all the websites. I continue to enjoy watching your adventure. Lily is a beautiful little girl and you all look very happy.
Much Love,
Jill & family

Sharon said...

Shame on you! You are making me fall more and more in love with your beautiful daughter with every picture you post! She absolutely exudes personality and charm right through the lens (or maybe through her loving daddy's eyes). It is just beyond amazing that Lily knew that very first day who her mommy is. Babies truly do sense the love. Don't worry, Robert, she will be a daddy's girl soon enough. But she's been waiting for 11 months for her mommy to come get her, and she finally feels safe and so loved in Julianne's arms.
I can't wait, REALLY can't wait to see that bright and beautiful face in person!
Give her sweet, precious cheek a butterfly kiss from me...
Love to all of you,

Donnaberry said...

Berry! What a beautiful gift you have. I'm sitting here at work looking at the photos with tears just running down my face!! You have all been truly blessed. :-) Can't wait to meet her in person.

Love to all!!