Sunday, July 15, 2007

They Found Them!

They Found Them!

I can't believe it! They found our lost suitcases. We got the call a few hours after we arrived in Guangzhou. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The representative that called said they were in Beijing and asked where we were staying. Robert told her we were no longer there and that he'd spent a great deal of time and money explaining very specifically our itinerary with the names and addresses of the hotels where we would be staying...didn't she have that information? Apparently that got lost with the suitcases! Anyway, he told her where we were and she said she would put them on a flight to Guangzhou that day, and we could come to the airport to pick them up. Um...excuse me? You lost my luggage, you need to bring it to me! She said they didn't have anyone here that could do that, but they would reimburse us for our travel expenses to get there. Robert explained to the woman that they needed to find someone and pay them to get it to us. She said in that case we wouldn't get it until the next day (today). Robert just laughed and told her, we've gone this long without it, we can wait one more day! So it's after 4:00 in the afternoon already and we are still waiting. Hmmmm. I'm sure they'll turn up here eventually.

On a sad of the families traveling with us (a single mom named Linda who is traveling with her sister) lost her baby yesterday. She was not in the same province where we got Lily, so I have not gotten to know her, but apparently she received her baby on Monday and she was very sick. One of the women in her group is a Dr. and was able to give her some antibiotics. They saw signs of improvement, but yesterday the baby stopped breathing. They took her to the hospital but at that point it was too late and they were not able to revive her. I can't imagine how devastated Linda must be. She seems to be holding up ok...she came down to breakfast this morning and went on the sightseeing tour with us. I have no other details, but ask that you would please pray for her...pray for God to comfort her and help all of us to be the family in Christ she needs right now. There will be a memorial service here at the hotel in about an hour.

Lily is doing just fine. We are having so much fun with her. She is such a fun baby! She is still having a hard time with daddy. She is ok with him when I'm not around, but once she sees me, she wants nothing to do with him. When I am holding her, she's ok with him playing with her, so that's good. Yesterday was a little tough. She woke up from her nap and I think she forgot where she was and got scared. That didn't help things either! Today has been better. I just can't wait to get home so she will have a normal routine, wake up in the same bed every morning and we can all just really spend time getting to know each other.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon...if I can get access to the blog. Otherwise, I will have a TON to post when I get home!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julianne and Robert,

Thank you for keeping all of us here at home posted about Lily and your travels. It's been an awesome journey!

I wanted to offer my deepest sympathy to Linda from your travel group. My heart went out to her as I read the news. I cannot even imagine what she's going through, so I will keep her in my prayers that God will comfort her and get her through this time...

Look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Love, Auntie Ellen

p.s. YAY about the luggage!