Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lily-Day 1

Well, we have had Lily for about 24 hours now and I still can't believe it! She has been pretty easy going so far. She has attached mostly to me. She doesn't like being handed off. When I give her to Robert she immediately starts crying and follows me everywhere with her eyes. Usually she'll calm down after a little bit. She is very good at entertaining herself. She'll lay or sit there and just make the cutest little baby noises. I love it! She can sit up by herself but needs a little work on her neck muscles. She can hold her head up, but she ends up looking down a lot. She's not crawling yet and HATES being put on her stomach. We'll have to work on that! She is also very alert and observant which is very good. But we are doing well and keeping busy. We had three appointments today. The first one at the same office where we got Lily yesterday to finalize the adoption. She is now officialy ours according to China! After that we had to go to a notary office for another interview. Then to the police station because they want to video the babies. Don't ask me why. I just do what they tell me! After that we went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the babies. We got some smaller diapers. We brought size 3's with us, but she is really a size 2. The clothes we had packed were all 12 months and up. But since the airline lost her suitcase I borrowed a couple of 12 month size outfits from one of the families here and she is practically swimming in them. She is much skinnier than she looks in her referral pictures! Anyway, we got a few outfits to hold us over until our FedEx package arrives on Thursday. We also bought some cold medicine as she has a terrible runny nose and is coughing quite a bit. We also had to get some medicine for heat rash. Several of the babies in our group have that. So that's the latest from China. We'll have more pictures to post soon. We're going on a sightseeing tour tomorrow to an old part of Nanchang. The village is over 400 years old and has no modern amenities. We are going to get to meet one of the families that live there as well. After that we will have lunch at a restaurant there to experience the "local flavor". (!?!?!?!?) I'll be bringing some extra power bars with me tomorrow!

UPDATE: The "local flavor" today ended up being the best food we've had so far! I was very relieved!


Jessica said...

I absolutely enjoy reading this blog.
I love how you are getting to know Lily Grace so quickly!
Reading makes me feel as if I am meeting Lily and I am so happy about it. Again congratulations

Best Wishes,
Jessica S.

Deb, Jason, Ben and Charlie said...

There is nothing like a mommy's touch...
But, her heart will be filled with unending love for both of you.
Lucky Lily and lucky Mommy and Daddy!