Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Final China Itinerary

Here are links to pictures of the planes on which we will be traveling:

Airbus 320-100/200
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757-200/300

I've never been on a 747 before. It's a double decker so there should be plenty of room to walk around. The longest non-stop flight I've ever been on was 8 hours from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt. 12 hours on a flight is a long time but I know it will go by fast.

Here is our itinerary:

Wednesday 7/4: LEAVE FOR CHINA!
Thursday 7/5: arrive in Beijing...settle in and relax
Friday 7/6: free day-we'd like to go check out the Olympic arenas if we can
Saturday 7/7: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Summer Palace
Sunday 7/8: Church Service and the Great Wall
Monday 7/9: Morning flight to Nanchang (Jiangxi Province)-MEET LILY!!
Tuesday 7/10: Civil Affairs appointment
7/11-7/13: Paperwork, sightseeing and shopping
Saturday 7/14: Afternoon flight to Guongzhou
7/15-7/17: Fill out Consulate forms and medical exam
Wednesday 7/18:Consulate appointment-9:30am
Thursday 7/19: Pick up Lily's visa
Friday 7/20: HOMEWARD BOUND!!

Only 6 days until we meet our Lilybug! If you think of it and have time, please pray for us and the rest of the families who will be traveling over the next few days. There are 42 families in our travel group and from what I can tell so far, there are 7 families who will be going to Lily's province (Jiangxi). Please pray for traveling mercies and for God to grant peace to our hearts as we embark upon this adventure of a lifetime!


Joanna Goforth said...

You are in our prayers.
With much love,
The Goforths

Joannah said...

I'm praying you have a safe trip to your sweet baby! Enjoy!!!

Diane B. said...

As you said Julianne, this is most assuredly the 'adventure of a lifetime!' Our great God made it so. The picture of our adoption into God's family is more amazing than life itself. And it has been through your adoption of Lily that I have revisited this amazing theological truth! You and Robert have persevered and trusted God to the very core of your beings in order to give Lily a home in which to thrive and learn of Jesus. Oh how we can't wait to hold Lily! Eph.1:3-6, Gal.4:4-7. "The most glorious part of adoption is the sacrifice God himself made in order to carry out the process. Jesus is “God’s Son par excellence…the culmination and focus of all of God’s redemptive activity on behalf of humanity.” (Quodlibet Online Journal)